Kod produktu: UDR-1358

A small breeze, a big adventure

Zephir 2.0 drone is a younger brother of Zephir – in a modest body dwells magnitude of capabilities. Certainly, fans of soaring stunts with aspirations will appreciate him. Compact size will allow to enjoy its potential even at home. Thanks to the full shielding of the propellers, the ceilings will not require maintenance after the first unsuccessful acrobatics. In addition, the shielding will protect the propellers during transport and the user or home-pet during an unwanted confrontation.

Can be tamed

Zephir 2.0 is a great proposition for ambitious, novice pilots - thanks to the system of maintaining the flight altitude, 6-axis gyroscope and the "headless" mode (keeping the front / back orientation in relation to the user), the control will become child's play. If the user fantasy go too wild - the drone can be called to order (start position) with a single button. If the matter is more serious - using the emergency landing button drone will settle right where it is.

Swiftly into the world

Calibration of the device takes place quickly and pleasantly, whereas the battery lasts for about 8 minutes (full charging is about 30 minutes). These facilities encourage people to go on windless days to fly the drone outside, where this little "madman" will show the fullness of his acrobatic abilities.