Kod produktu: UDC-1479




uGo RANGER MC100 is a driver’s must-have device with HD resolution to enable a driver to record every moment of the route traveled, capture and save the most beautiful moments of travel and supply documentary evidence in the event of unforeseen incidents on the way. The footage saved on a micro SD card that supports up to 32 GB will make you feel more confident and give you peace of mind when setting out on a longer, unknown route, or a daily trip to work.

120° viewing angle provides expansive shooting coverage with extra detail and clarity.


By recording what is happening in front of the vehicle, footage from the uGo RANGER MC100 can be extremely valuable in case of a collision or accident on the road. The perpetrators of such situations do not always confess and sometimes even escape from the place of incident. You never know when you'll need footage from your windshield – but you'll be glad to have it if you do. Saved data containing date and exact time will not leave you in doubt. Allowing to determine the culprit when there are no witnesses of the incident it saves us additional stress during the investigation. uGo RANGER MC100 may become your defence attorney.


uGo RANGER MC100 car video camera is built onto a mirror which is mounted onto the rear view mirror. One major advantage of this solution is that it does not limit the field of vision through the windscreen. You can switch off the camera preview if you fear it will distract you.

uGo RANGER MC100 also comes with a video camera which is mounted at the back of the vehicle. It enables you to record what is happening behind you and provides a very practical function as a backup camera.


uGo RANGER MC100 has all the most important functions you need for a great driving experience.

One of them is loop recording. Thanks to this feature the video-recorder registers material automatically and continuously, dividing video files into clips of 1/3/5/10-minute duration, without the need for card formatting once the storage capacity is full.

Smooth transmission of images is another significant feature, expressed by the number of frames per second. uGo RANGER MC100 offers 25 fps/sec. Not only does this enhance the playback quality but also, even at a high speed, provides good readability of vehicle registration plates.

Motion detection is an indispensable feature of every video-recorder. When the lens captures some motion, the camera records the material which is then stored on the memory card. So, you do not need to remember to switch the device on when you start your journey.

Another great benefit of uGo RANGER MC100 is the parking mode, which acts as a ‘guard’ for the vehicle even if no one is inside. As such, the dash cam will help identify offenders who may cause damage to the vehicle or attempt to steal it.

This mirror dash camera is also fitted with a shock and overload sensor (G-Sensor) which is designed to detect impact or sudden braking. In case of a collision, the video camera will save the recording, even with the recording running in loops.

Thanks to an in-built microphone, not only images are recorded but sounds too.


uGo RANGER MC100 is mounted onto the original mirror in the car by means of elastic bands. With a slim and smart design, the dash cam is inconspicuous and ideally matches the vehicle interior, as it bears a striking resemblance to an ordinary mirror.